With recent school reopening guidance from the Provincial Health Officer, many schools are considering protective masks for instructors and increased social distance in the class. While the safety of teachers and students is of prime importance, these new guidelines introduce real challenges that can make learning more difficult.

Lightspeed classroom audio systems ensure clarity of speech and even sound distribution – even when masks are worn and students are situated at greater distances.

Difficulties Are Numerous And Include:

  • Loss of visual cues for comprehension: Non-transparent masks will make it impossible for students to read teachers’ lips and properly interpret facial expressions, making them entirely reliant on the teacher’s voice.
  • Reduced audibility or loudness of the teacher’s voice: Masks will dampen the teacher’s voice and increased social distance will make it difficult for everyone to hear.
  • Decrease in intelligibility or clarity: Recent studies show masks reduce high frequencies by as much as 12 dB 2, making it extremely difficult for students to clearly understand their teachers.
  • Increase in teacher vocal strain: Even more stress will be placed on the teacher’s voice as they attempt to overcome these barriers.

We Have An Amazing Solution!

Lightspeed’s pendant microphone combined with a Redcat, Topcat or 955 classroom audio solution overcomes the audibility and intelligibility challenges brought on by masks and social distance. When teachers use a microphone, the audio level and quality of their voice is dramatically improved, ensuring all students can clearly and effectively hear every word.

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