Worship Spaces

Our installation of A/V systems for worship spaces comes from an understanding that your message is so much more valuable than your ability to wow your audience with pounding audio and dazzling video presentations. That being said, you still want the best quality available (within your budget) and you need to manage it with a team of volunteers.

Our Design/Build solutions encompass complete systems for new facilities, or upgrades for churches that are expanding or remodelling. We can even help you with the integration of a single component into an existing system. In all cases, our main concern is that your stated goals are met. From the design and planning stages, to the equipment installation, training and support, the Soundrite team will work with you and your team until a successful launch of your new system has been achieved.

We do not sell pre-packaged, cookie-cutter church A/V systems; our expertise goes far beyond most professional integrators and enables us to customize your audio or multimedia solution for each unique situation. We are able to accommodate every technology request you may have and we are dedicated to providing the very best products for your application at a price that stays within your budget.

Our installations include:

  • Acoustic treatment
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Digital Mixing/Snake Systems
  • Personal Monitor Systems
  • Audio Distribution
  • Multi-Channel Recording
  • Video Presentation Systems
  • Digital Signage

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