Don't I know you from somewhere?

Yes. Many of the Soundrite Audio Visual team were once a part of Precision Media Group. While that company no longer exists, our AV sales team stayed in touch and worked very hard  to reestablish our connections with both clients and vendors. With the great management team at Soundrite now directing our tight knit collective of AV professionals, we are excited to be back doing what we love.

How do we establish terms or set-up an account with Soundrite?

We’re happy to offer terms to our clients. Simply contact Carol via email at: and she will get your account activated.

Does Soundrite have a leasing option?

Absolutely! All of our leasing transactions are handled by IG Financial Group. Simply contact their office, and all your lease-financing will be taken care of.

Are you running out of content for your FAQ?

Is it that obvious? We generally answer most of our clients questions before they even find a reason to ask them. We really do strive for excellence in all we do.

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